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Kay De Courval: Story & Interview

My name is Kay de Courval and I am 20 years old. I started modelling at 18 and actually landed my first magazine spread shortly after. Since then I have been featured in over 15 magazines world wide! Some of them being PB Mexico, FHM and Maxim. I got discovered by Celebrity/Fitness photographer Paul Venomous who took me under his wing and taught me everything I need to know. I have been blessed to be on this amazing journey involving travels, meeting new people and such inspiring projects! Besides my modelling I am currently working in the Real Estate field but plan on expanding my education and studying astronomy. I am an animal lover and will fight for any cause I truly believe in. Something you don’t know about me – I am very short! Only 5’2″! It happens very often where people meet me for the first time and thought I was super tall due to my photos, but nope! I love to read and write and am currently working on expanding my Health & Wellness blog – I love to be active and always have a smile on my face 🙂

Demi Vesinger: Story & Interview

My name is Demi Vesinger, I’m 18 and am from the small town of Burnie, Tasmania. I first started modeling as a child, had a break, and begun once again at the age of 14. I started off with classes and began to get noticed by state photographers. After a few photoshoots, I began finding paid work which felt like a real achievement. Through my… Read More »Demi Vesinger: Story & Interview

Tamzin: Story & Interview

My name is Tamzin, I am a 22 year old tattooed model from the u.k. I have been published in kultur magazine twice and hopefully have a lot more to come 🙂 i only started modelling about 6 months ago so feel I have already come quite far and look forward to furthering my career 🙂 I love tattoos! I have many and intend to have more. I am a mother to my beautiful daughter, I love spending time with her and my family. I am very much a family lady but also fun and out going. Love unique things and anything different.

Susanna Deathstar: The Interview

I am sue, working as Susanna Deathstar, an alternative model since 10 years. I live in germany in a really small town. Through the years I worked with designers like amf korsets, inner sanctum, fantastic rubber, rubberluv, black jewels clothing and many more. I love different looks, the travels and meeting people.

Pamela Jean Noble: Story & Interview

Starting at a young age, Pamela discovered a taste for the limelight on a TV show, and as they say, the rest is history. While balancing education with acting and singing through her high school and college years, Miss Noble found success in short films, national commercials, and performing at the famous House of Blues in Hollywood, CA. Pamela also had a recurring role on… Read More »Pamela Jean Noble: Story & Interview

Jacquí Daniel: Story & Interview

I hail from New Mexico, I been an aspiring model for 5 years. I really have been focusing my attention to the alternative/tattoo and pinup. Last year I recently signed on with a tattoo shop where I model the tattoo artist art work at conventions and other various events. I have had the privilege of being published fourteen plus times in various independent magazines, I am excited to announce I will land my first magazine cover in April for Delicious Dolls Magazine which is a pinup based magazine.

Faylin Lynx: Story & Interview

I go by the name of Faylin Lynx. Creativity and the attraction to the arts is what causes me to thrive and grow. I am a professional, freelance, multi-genre model and photographer. Modeling began for me upon the encouragement of a dear friend who has since then passed. She thought I would make a fantastic model, so to humor her and satisfy my own innate curiosity, I tried it out. Within the first few shoots, I was hooked, and excited to keep going. Now, I can happily say that I have had the honor of working with many different talented people and have appeared in several publications that are available worldwide. I enjoy working creative shoots, ones that tell stories just by a glance.

Candy Hell: The Interview

I wanted to be a model since I was a child, I was all the time in front of the mirror of in front of my parent’s camera; this is my dream this is my job. But this career isn’t so easy also because I’m an alternative model not a normal model; that means I’m not tall and I’m full of tattoos; so I decide to study also to be a beautician and a make up artist.

Sammie Lyn: Story & Interview

I started modeling two years ago. I just had a baby so I was looking into YouTube for a new look and stumbled onto TheCherryDollFace videos. It showed hair makeup and clothing tutorials. I found out that she was also a tattooed pinup model. So I started getting the pinup style down and took a risk and got into modeling. I loved it and been doing it ever since 🙂 so I like to tell everyone that if you like something go for it and give it your all!!

Jasmin Baddazz: The Interview

My name is Jasmin and I live in Sunny South Florida, I absolutely love the water the ocean, the surf, the sand. Everything about the beach is perfect for me. When I got out of high school I started getting a lot of offers to shoot with photographers and it just took off, been doing it ever since.