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Susanna Deathstar: The Interview

I am Sue, working as Susanna Deathstar, an alternative model for 10 years. I live in Germany in a really small town. Through the years I worked with designers like amf corsets, the inner sanctum, fantastic rubber, rubberluv, black jewels clothing, and many more. I love different looks, the travels and meeting people. I am not skinny, I have curves and I love it 😉

What were you doing five minutes before this interview? Coming home from work 🙂

What made you want to pursue a modeling career instead of any other career?  I think I will never have a real career, I am not the typical model, I am too crazy, too colored hair, too many tattoos;)

Where have you made appearances? (video, print, etc) Some flyers, posters(dark spy, gothic magazine for example) many shows and shoots.

Out of all the work you’ve done so far, which was your favorite video or photoshoot? I always love to work with Sarah-Troester-Photography she has become a friend over the years and is a very talented photographer

What projects are you currently working on? I will be in the Netherlands at the beginning of March. And will be on stage, and this year there will be a calendar of me for 2015 for the very first time!

When do you feel most beautiful? When I wear high heels and a corset with wonderful styling.

What makes you laugh uncontrollably? Very much;)

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re with your friends? Drink jack daniels have some party.

How you communicate with other netizens, especially your subscribers? How often you reply to them? I try always to answer them when time allows.

Is there anything you dislike about modeling? The envy and the resentment of other models, I don’t like that, everyone is different and should go his way

What are your favorite types of outfits to model in? What are your least favorites? At most I love latex in every version!!! corsets, heels 🙂 but no stomach free, I hate that

What kind of shoots would you like to work on in the future? I hope to meet many new photographers and designers.

Tell us something about your city, your favorite hang out spots there? I live in a very very small town, but it’s really lovely, with some wonderful people who become friends the last years

What’s your fashion mantra? Please describe your style? What’s your beauty regime? I wear no make up the most time in my private life, I really like that but I love my diva style too.

Do you eat nutritiously? Tell us about the diet you follow on a regular basis? Is there any food which you avoid eating? I mostly try to eat low carb but I love chocolate ( as you see;)).

How often do you exercise or go to the gym? How much time do you spend there? Not often, but I should.

Tell me about your favorites. I love to go to festivals with friends, like mera luna, bang your head festival or a summer breeze,- my favorite colors are red and black,- actor: Helena bonham carter, Johnny Depp, John Malkovich, – music: Nightwish, untoten, backyard babies, hypocrisy, death angel, 30 seconds to mars…and many many more.

How you access the Internet? What device do you use? I use smartphone and laptop.

Is there anything you like to add?

Your ultimate message for netizens? Be strong and don’t care what others say, go your way step by step.

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