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My blog is full of life from traveling to lifestyle, fitness, fashion, beauty, entertainment, and spirituality. You can read my blog posts here, browse the spiritual website here and you can also read the Hindi version here.

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I can make your website, I can write a book for you, yes I do ghostwriting, and I can introduce you to various spiritual activities to overcome life obstacles and achieve the best in your life.

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I am a spiritual enthusiast who makes websites, eCommerce stores, and web applications to earn money for traveling to finally blog and write books on spirituality, yoga, and sadhanas.



Welcome friend.

I am Tanyesha, a blogger based somewhere on planet Earth, I blog from feminism to minimalism to spiritualism. The image on the side is not mine 😉 But it certainly portrays me. Following is my story written by my loving husband.

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Tanyesha’s Story

Meet Tanyesha, a young individual whose journey through academia, technology, and spirituality has shaped her into a multifaceted soul with a passion for knowledge, creation, and enlightenment.

Starting her path with a degree in mathematics, Tanyesha delved into the intricacies of numbers and equations, laying a solid foundation for her analytical mind and a keen interest in programming. Eager to expand her horizons, she ventured into the world of programming, enrolling in courses in web design, and app development, and mastering various programming languages. With dedication and perseverance, she honed her skills, transforming into a proficient programmer capable of crafting intricate digital solutions.

Yet, Tanyesha found herself drawn to a deeper calling beyond the realms of technology. Intrigued by the mysteries of spirituality, she embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery, exploring ancient wisdom, meditation, and metaphysical practices. Through profound experiences and insights, she discovered a profound connection to the divine, inspiring her to share her newfound knowledge with the world.

Today, Tanyesha leads a life of purpose and passion, blending her expertise in technology with her spiritual wisdom to create meaningful contributions to society. As a seasoned programmer and web developer, she travels the globe, crafting stunning websites and digital experiences for clients while also delving into the realm of ghostwriting, and penning insightful books on spirituality and personal growth for others. With each project she undertakes, Tanyesha infuses her work with a unique blend of creativity, intellect, and spiritual insight, leaving a lasting impact on those she encounters.

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Yes, I do design websites and applications at very competitive pricing. This website is also designed by me, so feel free to email me and I assure you that you will love working with me 🙂

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