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Stefi Susanna: Story & Interview

I used to work at a small local alternative clothes store. That was a great environment to get to see and try out many different kinds of alternative clothing. During my time there I grew to love this type of clothing and after several years of finding my own style I decided I wanted to try out some modelling. I am especially fond of PVC and latex, and those have been central themes in my previous photoshoots (and hopefully in the future too). Quite easily I found several photographers who were interested in working with me, and basically that is where I am now. I had enough photo shoots to found my own social media site (Facebook only so far), and I feel that it has gotten a really good start already too.

Désirée Wilfert: Story & Interview

My name is Désirée Wilfert, I am 25 years old and I work as a Tattoomodel for the Austrian model agency since September 2013. Everything has begun when I decided to ask a photographer to make some professional pictures of me for private use, but then I realized that I didn´t only want to do this for fun but also professionally. Then I discovered TattooModels. This model agency was the perfect choice for me, because they do not only work with professional models, who already did a lot of jobs, but also with people like me, who want to learn how to do modeling professionally, as they often prefer people with character and charisma than “size zero”.

Barbara Zatler: Story & Interview

I am a Danish redneck that was born in Horsens Denmark. I grew up in the countryside along with my older sister but when I was about 8 years old I was placed at an orphanage, I stayed there until I was about 15-16 years old. But I must admit that it has been some of the best years of my life because I learned… Read More »Barbara Zatler: Story & Interview

Savannah Vilsack: Story & Interview

I am 22 I was born in june lives vandergrift pa near Pittsburgh pa im 5.2 im don’t weigh that much i have two disability i go therapy for mild retardation and diselixa i have depression disorder i did have dog but recently she passed in sept she was a beagle she was 9 her name was shelby she was like my life i consider as daughter and losing a child she had rare disease.

Christina Latchem: Story & Interview

Well I do modelling part time, my main job is that I work in a hotel, the hotel itself is great but its very hard and long hours. I also love marvel, I guess you can call me a marvel nerd. I am also a gamer girl and I have just finished the last of us and now playing the new batman game. I am also a complete fashion nutcase, I literally need a bigger wardrobe!

Belinda Cameron: Story & Interview

My name is Belinda Cameron an I am a 27yr old hairdresser, business owner and model living in Brisbane, Australia. I’m extremely passionate about anything to do with health, fitness, sport and general well being. I’m now the epitome of health and fitness but not always. Up until the last year I partied and did pretty much everything you do in your early years.

Vanagh Ka: Story & Interview

Well I was born and raised in Ireland in a small town, decided to move away a few years ago. Since then I have received my Qualifications in Hairdressing and I am also an MUA (Make-up Artist). I model for a clothing company known as Alibi Clothing and Accessories, I am also the P.A of this company, I also work with a jewelry brand known as Speedy Body Jewelry who are super sweet, as well as that I work with The Twisted Agency who are a great bunch of people. I have been modelling about two years now and have quite a few tattoos and piercings which isn’t everyone’s taste . It has taken a lot of hard work to get to where I am and have taken a lot of criticism and rude comments but I have some great supporters who make it worth while.

Jasmiin Delal: Story & Interview

Hello, first of all thank you for the invitation to the interview , it’s a great pleasure for me. I’m Jasmin Ö. known as Jasmine Delal 18 years of age (born 01.04.1995 ) I come from the beautiful city of Bremen in Germany . I am half Kurdish half German , my father is a Kurd from Turkey and my mother is German . I model since August 2013, although I am represented by some modeling agencies. Since I was 16 years old, when I took part of a casting, this was a dream of mine. Now I began to start walking my way and make something of myself. I was always interested in the media world, I want to go my way and come out by making a career as a top model and actress. My body is different to the common models, I have curves and I’m very proud of my body. Even then, when I was a child, I was very photogenic and I loved it to be in front of the camera. My specialties for which I model are Fashion , Lifestyle , Bikini fashion, portrait , promotional , catwalk and TV . My family supports me and that’s the most important thing.

Jala Milham: Story & Interview

Well my name’s Jala Milham I am a 21 year old female model. I don’t do modelling full time as I work in a fashion in store in the city but when I’m not working in the fashion store, I do photoshoots for well know mens magazines and interested photographers. I’ve only been modelling for just over a year now, but have had a lot of experience for such a short time. I Have been in a few different magazines 9 times and done a fair few photoshoots with some great photographers.

Sabrina Watts: Story & Interview

I’m Sabrina Jane Watts popularly known as Sab. I’m a Fil-American Supermodel, Former Beauty Queen, and Media Personality. I’m the only child of my parents. I was raised in Arizona USA by a Filipina mother (Business Woman) and a Black American father (US Marines). Every year I and my family would visit the Philippines for a vacation. We loved everything about the Philippines, the peaceful… Read More »Sabrina Watts: Story & Interview