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The Best Exercise To Loose Weight & Stay Fit

You can say this is the best exercise in the world, doing this one exercise continually every day is going to take away your weight and make every part of your body fit. The exercise is simply kettlebell swing. Start doing a hundred kettlebell swings twice to thrice a day and you will be amazed by the results.

When I was fat I started with hundred kettlebell swings in the morning, a hundred before lunch, and a hundred in the evening. I didn’t do any dieting. I kept on eating junk and spicy foods or whatsoever I liked but the results really amazed me, I was fit and my body looked great. Later I changed afternoon swings with hundred pushups and even with a hundred squats. So it became a hundred swings in the morning, hundred pushups in the afternoon, hundred squats in the evening. It was that simple, try it.

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