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Kick Loneliness & Depression Away With This Appreciation Trick

If you don’t have a strong mind, loneliness is going to attract you in any way. Life, people, relationships, and situations change with time and self-interest and we must accept that. There are many ways to fight loneliness and depression and we will talk about all that in upcoming posts. This lesson is on a simple technique that will help you come out of loneliness quickly in a short time.

So whenever you start feeling lonely and depressed, try this one trick out and you will certainly feel better. What you have to do is think about someone you like or you love. He can be your friend, your boyfriend, your husband or anyone you feel loves you back or values you, or respects you. If you don’t have that person in your life then think about someone who recently helped you or has given you a gesture that made you smile. Think about him or her.

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The next step is to take a pen and paper and write why you like him or love him. What qualities of him or her do you appreciate? If he is there in your life then think and write about how lucky you are to have him or her in your life. Write from your heart to express your gratitude and appreciation towards that specific person.

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Once you write the letter, read it multiple times to know that you have got a gem that you don’t want to lose, and then post or email or simply WhatsApp that letter to that person. This action of yours will not only brighten up your day but it is going to certainly make that person happier and more loveable than before. You will certainly feel better.

Recognizing good things and ignoring bad ones removes the negativity from your life. It makes you develop a sense of gratitude and makes you a happier person.

This is a quick trick but you can make it more powerful by maintaining a gratitude journal. This journal can be a simple diary where you write about the good things you have in your life. Write the things you feel grateful for to realize what you have in your life as opposed to what your life lacks. Everyone has something to feel grateful for, and everybody lacks something in life. All you have to do is focus on the things you feel grateful for and embrace them. I guarantee you will become a happier person.

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