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Zoe Jay: Story & Interview

I come from Scotland. I live in Los Angeles since 2007 and I manage a music studio. Back in the UK, I was a type of lawyer. I am married and have three dogs and no kids. I am a part-time model, musician, and writer. I practice in various martial arts. I’ve been modeling since 2004. I’m into martial arts, cars, music, literature, photography, growing vegetables, hiking, and having a damn good time.

So what languages do you speak? ~ English, Bad English, and a teeny bit of Spanish…

How would you describe your personality? ~ Confident, very motivated, level-headed but also passionate, serious but also flamboyant.

How would you describe your style?~ I’d say my style is a combination of rock n roll/biker type looks, mixed with pin-up and classic glamor looks, and I also love club-wear kind of looks with neon colors and mesh and cut-outs and body paint, haha

Can you sum up your style in three words? ~ Old-school rock trash

What’s your most memorable shoot? And What kind of shoots would you like to work on in the future? ~ I had a lot of fun on a shoot where I was an alien warrior princess and I was painted green all over, with black leopard spots, and blue hair, and wielding swords. I’d just love to do any kind of interesting, creative, artistic, and unusual modeling work in the future, and I’d also like to do more classic/retro glamor as well.

How would you describe your professional interests? ~ I am a businessperson first and foremost. I own a business in the music industry.

What do you think, Is it important to attended fashion modeling courses? Do they really help newbies to get a foothold in the Fashion Industry? ~ I guess it’s useful for a prospective model to get some hints and tips, especially if they want to go into a highly competitive area like fashion modeling. It’s a good idea to know what you are doing and getting into. But I think there’s a lot of “modeling classes” and photographers who just want to exploit new models – they charge a lot of money for guidance, and / or portfolio pictures, but girls could get those things for free if they know where to look.

Is there anything you want to change about yourself, what are they? ~ I wish I was a bit less impatient and hot-tempered.

What kind of modeling are you interested in and why? ~ I am a glamor, alternative glamor, tattoo, artistic, and alternative fashion model.

Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry (like writing photography etc.)? ~ I do some photography and I am interested in getting into it more.

Describe the atmosphere when you’re on a shoot? ~ Laid back.

Do you have any limitations? Would you model any kind of clothing at all? ~ I don’t do anything which has a strong adult or erotic content. I wouldn’t model real fur.

What are your strengths? And what are your weaknesses? ~ As a model I think my main strengths are that I can work in a lot of different styles of modeling, I can wear a lot of different looks, different hair colors, and I am able to cross-over to some extent between alternative and mainstream modeling styles.

Describe the ideal work environment for you. ~ Laidback and where I’m in control of my own decisions and time management.

What makes a stylish lady or man? Is there a difference? ~ I think style is basically being under-stated and tasteful… but not to the point of being bland, or boring. Style is anything which is outstanding, but not over-the-top. I hate things which look fake or pretentious, or things which look as if they were too carefully arranged or took ages to do – true style should be effortless.

Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers? ~ Um. I don’t really have any. I don’t follow fashion very much. I love the clever photography that American Apparel does for their adverts.

What’s your favorite outfit from your own closet? ~ Right now, it’s my black, 1970s style all-in-one pant-suit, it has flared legs, super-low back, belt around the hips, low V-neck, and has a cool pointy collar.

Do you have a favorite clothing item, and if so what is it and why? ~ Little Black Dress! I have about ten of them in varying styles from trashy to conservative. You can just do ANYTHING with a little black dress, if you pick the right ones, you can go anywhere and do anything in them, and they’re always flattering.

Who are some of your favorite models and designers? ~ I am mostly only interested in small, independent designers. In terms of expensive designer things which I wouldn’t actually buy, I do always lust over Dior and Chanel, but I don’t really support the main-stream fashion industry at all as I think it is shallow exploitative profiteering, and mostly produces quite uninspired clothing anyway.

Where do you generally like to shop? Do you shop online? ~ I mostly shop in small boutiques with things people have made or collected themselves, or I buy hand-made things online from small stores and small designers, and I go to a lot of thrift stores and clothing-exchange stores. I also modify some clothes myself. And some of my coolest clothes have been given to me by my mother, who has amazing taste in clothes and she is always looking for amazing vintage pieces in stores and online. I haven’t bought anything from a high street clothing store in a decade, except for socks, underwear, and plain black vests, which I wear a lot of.

What are your likes and dislikes? ~ I like the fresh air, keeping active, walking my dogs, the beach, music, fast cars, martial arts, partying, and people showing peace, love, and respect. I dislike arrogant people, pretentious people, and people who are lazy and depend on others too much.

What’s your beauty regime? ~ I exercise about 5 times a week with running, yoga, martial arts, and lifting weights. I take a really hot bath or have a sauna, every day because sweating is really healthy for the body and good for the skin. I use Epsom Salts in the bath and as a skin rub. I moisturize my skin with just a plain, cheap moisturizer lotion. I use a good sun-block and I use aloe vera from the garden on my skin when it’s hot and dry. I don’t wear make-up on most days. I don’t use any heated stuff like curling tongs or straighteners on my hair. I get my eyebrows threaded once a month and get my nails done once a month. I keep it as simple as possible.

What’s your take on size zero? ~ I think women can be beautiful in any shape or size if they are healthy. Some women can be Size 0 and still be healthy and attractive. But it’s very sad that models in the fashion industry are expected to be a specific size and shape, especially as that shape which is expected of them is very hard to achieve, for most women, while staying healthy. It is getting a little better now where they are at least not using models who look really unhealthy, but they still very much favor only very slim girls in the fashion business, which is a shame. But I also hate it when people say negative things about thin girls, saying they are unattractive or are “not real women” because they are thin. Women of all shapes and sizes can be attractive and it has to do with health and with inner beauty, not hip measurements.

Excluding all complicated beauty & fitness mantra, what do you think to be the easiest way to look pretty and glamourous? ~ Be confident and be comfortable with what you are wearing.

Do you have a diet mantra? Tell me about the diet you follow on a daily basis? ~ I’m not perfect, but I try to eat only fully-organic foods now, nothing at all which is grown with chemicals or has artificial additives, and I try to eat mostly whole (unprocessed) foods, no tinned or frozen foods. I don’t eat any dairy products at all, and I try to avoid gluten and yeast as well, as those things are very unhealthy and unnatural for you. I mostly eat lean grilled meat with a lot of salad and a lot of green vegetables. I also drink a lot of tea, and I don’t drink coffee.

Is there anything you avoid eating? ~ genetically modified foods, chemicals, dairy, gluten, yeast, factory-farmed meat, processed meat, tinned food, frozen food, fast food, coffee, pasta, anything which contains high-fructose corn syrup or MSG…

What’s your favorite healthy treat(s)? ~ celery with peanut butter… baked apple with walnuts… grilled bananas… chocolate almond milk

How do you stay fit? How much you workout? What types of exercises you do? ~ I work out 5 times per week on average, for 60 minutes. My background is mainly in boxing and martial arts, but I am currently doing yoga, running, lifting weights, and I also do some cycling, hiking with my dogs, some swimming, and generally keep active. I also do stretches every day.

What according to you is the easiest way to be in shape? ~ Keep active, look for ways to keep active…, walk instead of drive, jog instead of walk, climb the stairs, dance while you do laundry, just keep moving.

What’s your biggest indulgence? ~ Champagne! I don’t usually care much for things which are posh and expensive, but I just really love champagne.

How do you enjoy your time off, away from work? What keeps you happy? ~ Exercising, music, walking my dogs, driving, the beach, partying with friends.

What are your favorite hang out spots in the city you live in (current location)? ~ I come from Scotland, but I’ve been living in Los Angeles since 2007. I love to hang out at the beach or up in the mountains, that’s why I love Los Angeles 🙂

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