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Starla Lost: Story & Interview

My younger self was very insecure about many things which lead to taking harsh criticism to heart. People would make fun of my appearance, my intellect, and my personality. Similar to most people, I had fantasized about proving everyone wrong. I went through a few very embarrassing years trying to discover who I was. During this time I took many “Facebook selfies” in hopes that I would find just the right angle that would impress people – even those who had once thought I was ugly. At the same time, I was volunteering and creating my own business to build my character up. My business was Contrast Face and Body Painting (which I still run today). A local model had seen my look and had asked me to paint a mask on her for a photoshoot. Instead of monetary compensation, she said I should bring some nice clothes and get photographed with her. This photographer found all my right angles and I received a lot of positive feedback, it was addictive – the creation process, meeting new people, seeing myself in the eyes of someone else, etc. The photos were posted on Facebook which then attracted another photographer who asked to work with me. We were both beginners and practiced on each other nearly three times a week. We became best friends and we grew in skill together. From there, my networking had exploded. It wasn’t about impressing my childhood bullies anymore, it was about bettering myself. I became obsessed with the challenges and adventures that came with the modeling, whether it be climbing waterfalls or how to make something awkward seem more beautiful. My confidence skyrocketed in all areas – my studying improved and I landed myself in the best university in Canada and I was finally able to build a personality I could be proud of – nevermind others. Modeling has really shaped my life in the best of ways, and now I’m beginning to travel with my work! It’s all very exciting, and it has financed my education so far. I am exactly the person I had always wanted to be as a young girl.


Describe yourself in three words. Starla Lost: Determined, Creative, Ambitious.

How would you describe your personality? Starla Lost: My personality is fairly introverted, meaning I prefer spending time alone than with company. When I am around other people, I enjoy philosophy debates or just learning about the person I’m speaking to. I spend a lot of my time satisfying my curiosity on how people “tick”. I’m told I seem very social and bubbly as well.

How would you describe your professional interests? Starla Lost: My professional interests include law and psychology. I am currently spending my first year of post-secondary studying at McGill University. I have an undeclared major but I will be pursuing law school in the future. In the meantime, my professional interests revolve around turning my hobbies into jobs – ie painting and modeling!

Why do you want to work as a model? Why are you interested in this career? Starla Lost: I like the creativity involved and the like-mindedness of the people in the industry. I like working as a model because I like pushing my boundaries – my rule is that if I’m not sore after a shoot I didn’t do it right. And the best part is there is always room for improvement, I will forever be working to better myself. The challenge is never defeated.

What languages do you speak? Starla Lost: I speak English and a bit of French.

What’s your background in modeling? Starla Lost: My first modeling experiences were grunge and alternative – I rocked some pretty rad blue hair.

If you could change three things about yourself, what would they be? Starla Lost: I would change my hair length since longer hair is better appreciated in the modeling world. I would also change my height just by a few inches (believe it or not, but I’m actually TOO tall for a lot of modeling gigs!) and I would make myself more motivated to work as a model as a full-time career, rather than part-time.

Who are some of your favorite models and designers? Starla Lost: The models I aspire to are Miss Laurelle, Airica Michelle, and Ophelia Overdose. As for designers, I don’t follow a large amount. My favorite currently though is Hopeless Lingerie

How would you describe your style? Consider anything from color to historical eras and more. Starla Lost: My style? Oh boy, that’s tough. My style outside of modeling includes sweatpants, baggy dress pants, comfy jeans, and usually a black or grey top. In the summer, I’ll wear shorts and skirts with high socks! I’m in love with high socks. Actually, my wardrobe for the warmer weather revolves around what matches my high socks. When it’s warm, I like being bright and colorful and I wear the tackiest things I can find. In the winter, I really don’t care about my appearance unless there’s a camera in front of me. My favorite outfit has to be my black “schoolgirl” skirt, rainbow high socks, and my black turtleneck with shoulder cut-outs.

What are your strengths? And what are your weaknesses? Starla Lost: In the modeling world, my strengths are a good reputation and a large variation of poses. I need absolutely no direction for body poses. My weaknesses include facial expressions and the lack of editorial images in my portfolio.

Where do you generally shop? Starla Lost: I generally shop at thrift shops. I like the environmental aspect of reusing clothes and I can usually find really nice clothes – I never cared for labels in my everyday attire. My current favorite thrift store is Eva-B in Montreal.

What other modeling projects have you done? Starla Lost: I’ve done over 300 shoots in the past two years. In those shoots, I’ve accomplished a lot, including music video work, documentaries, and promo videos. The big project I’m working on now is for a bowtie company. Instead of modeling myself, I have taken the role of Creative Director of the shoot. I’m coordinating 9 models, two designers, one wardrober, two makeup/hairstylists, two photographers, and a videographer. I’m very excited for this production.

What kind of modeling are you interested in and why? Starla Lost: Recently, I’ve taken a huge interest in editorial modeling because that’s where my portfolio lacks. I love the intensive styling and creativity behind it, plus a lot of magazines enjoy this style as well. It is easy to gain exposure in this modeling area.

Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry (like writing photography etc.)? Starla Lost: In the fashion industry, I work very well as a promoter and am beginning to improve my body painting skills. I can also edit video and I’m okay at filming, but I prefer editing.

How would you describe working with the photographer? Starla Lost: Photographers range in style and professionalism so intensely, it would be difficult to answer this correctly. To generalize, a typical shoot would go like this: The photographer, model and anyone else involved meet up to discuss the shoot in person (and to make sure that all of us are who we say we are). After the planning stages, we meet for the actual shoot. The photographer sets up lighting while I do my hair and makeup or get it done. I bring 3-5 outfits and the photographer picks the order/which are used in the shoot. Test shots are taken, then the actual shoot begins. The first set is taken where I am needed to pose every 3-15 seconds and the photographer is needed to capture a good image in the same time frame. The photographer changes lighting around and I get touch-up done or review photos already taken so I can improve for the next set.

What makes a stylish woman or man? Is there a difference? Starla Lost: A stylish person would wear clothes that flatter their body type. I am particularly impressed by people who are able to pull off tacky patterns and consider them very stylish.

Why would you think you’re fit for being a model? Starla Lost: I honestly think anyone can be a model. It’s about finding the beauty in yourself and expressing it. It’s a skill – you can’t just be pretty and sit there. That’s cheating in my books. There is a skill in overcoming your imperfections. One of mine is my jaw is actually uneven, the angle of my jawline on my right side doesn’t match the left – there’s actually a very stark contrast once pointed out. This means I have to angle myself to make myself seem even, I have to flex my muscles to make me look fit and taller, I need to relax my fingers to look elegant, etc. There is so much going on in your mind to match the image needed that it takes a lot of work. I’m motivated enough to teach myself these things, making me believe that I am fit for being a model.

Do you do your own hair and make-up? Starla Lost: When there is not a stylist provided, I do. I apply liquid foundation with a loose powder. I add bronzer and a soft brown smokey eye. After is a liquid eyeliner, fake lashes, and mascara. To finish I put on some sort of lipstick – the shade can change the entire appearance of my face.

What’s your beauty regime? Starla Lost: When I’m not shooting, I do a series of masks to help my appearance. I do a toothpaste mask on my face to rid of blemishes and various oil treatments for my hair. I rotate between setting my hair in olive oil and mayonnaise – I prefer using olive oil. I don’t wear any makeup casually – specifically mascara since this wears out your skin. Same with my hair – I do not use any heating products unless there is a shoot.

Do you eat nutritiously? Tell me about the diet you follow on a regular basis? Starla Lost: No. Haha, my diet is terrible. I hate vegetables and I eat a mostly protein diet. I’m on a meal plan at university so there’s always home-cooked food available which means no fast food for me. I do eat an apple a day though and try not to eat after 8 pm.

How often do you exercise or go to the gym, workout? How much time do you spend there? Starla Lost: I used to have a personal trainer twice a week, but since I just moved to Montreal about 5 months ago, I’ve spent more time settling in then working out. I walk everywhere and the area in which I live has very steep hills to walk up and down. Occasionally, I also walk up the mountain which involves a large number of stairs.

What are some of the main differences between runway and photographic modeling? Starla Lost: Photographic modeling is all about creating angles and distorting the body to look more appealing. You have time to reposition yourself accordingly and think yourself through, but you have to come up with hundreds of poses without repeating yourself. The runway is very rushed in the prepping backstage and changing, then you have to completely slow down and make it seem like you’re effortlessly gliding down the floor. You must make sure every movement is graceful and there are no outtakes. Mistakes are noticed easily, but you only have 30 seconds on the runway. Make yourself stand out and you’ve done well, but it’s a very quick adrenaline rush.

Describe the atmosphere when you’re on a shoot? Starla Lost: I like having music and multiple people in on the shoot. Relaxed and fun is the atmosphere I try to create.

What are you likes and dislikes? Starla Lost: I like anime and adventures, I dislike carrots and pessimistic people

Excluding all complicated beauty & fitness mantra, what do you think to be the easiest way to look pretty and glamorous? Starla Lost: Confidence. You can wear sweatpants and still rock it if you’re confident. For me, a pair of fake lashes and styled hair makes me feel pretty and glamorous – but it’s different for everyone!

How you communicate with your other netizens, especially your fans and followers? How often you reply to them? Starla Lost: I try to respond to them every day, and I send letters every month or so. I reply to any questions but I often overlook compliments – just because I feel cocky saying thank you all the time :/

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