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Jeanette: Story & Interview

My name is Jeanette and I am a Swedish alternative model. I am half Finnish half Swedish, my mother comes from Finland and my father is Swedish but I´m born and live in Sweden. When I model I like to do many different photoshoots so I do gothic, rock, medieval, fantasy, and Viking. I love to design and so to my fantasy/medieval shoots I make my own clothes. I really love to design and make medieval/fantasy dresses and sometimes even for my gothic shoots and I also design and do some of my jewelry. I started to model some when I was 16, one of my main subjects in school was a photo.

I went to an art class in school because my dream was to be an artist so I draw and paint a lot and photo is something that I also like a lot. But it was there I started to model some, we sometimes needed models for our photo lessons and sometimes we did not have any so I was model many times even if I was there to learn about the photo.

So that’s how it started. But model, photo and art is not everything in my life I also like to cook and bake. I love history and historical places, Summertime I and my husband visit a lot of Viking and medieval festivals here in Sweden. I like nature and love to spend time outside, take a lot of photos of nature and animals.

Likewise you said that you like to cook and back so would you like to share your favorite recipe? Jeanette: Yes I can cook but I will not tell you my fav recipe. My friends want me to do a book and maybe I do in the future and then I will have that recipe in the book. It is something I made myself.

OK. So what were you doing five minutes before this interview? Jeanette: I was talking and answer fans on my fan page.

What made you want to pursue a modeling career instead of any other career? Jeanette: I have always combined modeling with other work. For the moment I have no other work but I am looking I really love to work in stores and I love to help other people and contact with others. The model is more for fun.


What do you feel that separates you from other models that are in the game right now?

Jeanette: Well I am not really like the others. I do so many different things, photos, model editing design many of my clothes for the photoshoots and jewelry but I also do many different styles when I model. Many models go only, for one thing, for example fashion. Some people I know do only do that or only gothic or only historical.

I do goth, rock, metal, medieval, fantasy, Viking even some fashion, and I am not scared to try new things.  And I also take photos myself so I think sometimes I understand the photographer in a different way because I know how it is on that side of the camera.

Where have you made appearances? (video, print, etc) Jeanette: I have ”job album” at my Facebook fan page there you can see some of the things I have been a part of. It is book cover, music video, catwalk, calendars, and some more. Here’s the link to that album.

Out of all the work you’ve done so far, which was your favorite video or photoshoot? Jeanette: Wow! That is a really good question! I am so happy over all the things I been able to do and they all got special memories and special places in the hart…. So I can’t really tell which one is my favorite.

What projects are you currently working on? Jeanette: Right now I am in a contest to become a sponsored model for Nocturne Jewellery. I am also a sponsored model for Black Candy Alternative Fashion under 2014 so I am going to do work for them that I really looking forward to.
Then I got some of my own ideas, right now I design and sew and plan some more dresses for new photoshoots this year.

Is there anything else you want to do outside of modeling? Jeanette: Yes I want to find a job in a store, like a shoe store, clothes, jewelry, flowers well something like that and something creative. I really miss work in a store and meet all fantastic people, every person is unique and it gives so much to me even if there are persons that are not always so nice. But you see new things every day and learn something new.

When do you feel most beautiful? Jeanette: Oh, another good and hard question! Hm… that is also so different sometimes I have been down and sad and walked through somewhere or at work and children comes and give me compliments

I have not been prepared for it and they come from nowhere and then you really get happy and it really warms your heart….but I can also feel beautiful up dressed for a photo shoot or just natural, walking in the forest surrounded by beautiful nature. There are so many beautiful things around us that can make us feel beautiful.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night? Jeanette: First thing in the morning is to get up and give some candy to our cat, then coffee. The last thing at night is me and my husband kiss each other, with each other a good night and good dreams.

What makes you laugh uncontrollably? Jeanette: Funny moment, like watch animals they can really be so cut and fantastic and do the funniest things. Also small children. And I like funny stories.

What do you do to de-stress after a bad day? Jeanette: That depends on what has happened and what mood I am in. I am a very creative person so often I want to create something, it feels like I can let things come out. But sometimes it can be nice when all things are quiet and just meditate or go for a walk I really love to walk in the forest and to be close to nature.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re with your friends? Jeanette: It is nice just to sit down and talk.

What inspired your passion for modeling? Jeanette: My plans were not model at all. I went to the art class when I was 16 I always loved to paint and draw so I wanted to be an artist. Photo is also something I like so it becomes one of my main subjects in school, sometimes we needed models for the lessons and we did not have any so I was picked many times and it was fun so I liked it and my interest in it came. My grandmother was happy because she was a catwalk model when she was young so she often told me she was happy I went in her footsteps.

What excites & motivates you about modeling? Jeanette: I think all the different things. Modeling for me is like an act. A good actor can do many different roles and that sometimes motivates me in the modeling, I want to do many different roles in the modeling. It is a challenge to be able to be beautiful and graceful in elegant dresses one day and maybe a hard and tough metal girl the other day but it is fun.

What does your career do for you? Jeanette: You never know what will come in the future… but I really meet a lot of fantastic people.

What has been your best fashion look? What was your biggest fashion mistake? Jeanette: I do not really like fashion so much, I do not really wear fashion clothes. May that is why I most do gothic, metal, and medieval/fantasy. Private I put on what I like, and I do not care if it is fashion or not.

What are your favorite types of outfits to model in? Jeanette: That also depends on what mood I am in. One day I love the gothic look another day I want to be a Viking and next time a cool metal girl. But I really love corsets and dresses so I guess my fav types are gothic and medieval/fantasy

What are your least favorites? Jeanette: Don´t like to take my clothes of. I really feel so uncomfortable. I have tried to do some photoshoots in underwear but I can´t relax so that I don´t like it. I want to keep my clothes on. Jeans and a bra is okay but I don´t want to take off more.

Any ultimate goal to fulfill as a model? Jeanette: One big dream is to be cover and in some magazines. I would really like to be a sponsored model for more companies, I would really like to model more metal/hard rock clothes and for some webpage.

It would also be great to be on more calendars and book covers. And it would also be amazing to be in something more historical.
But I also would like acting, to have a role in a movie. That is a really big dream.

What kind of shoots would you like to work on in the future? Jeanette: I like the mix that I have, but it would be great with more historical. I really want to work more with other photographers and models and it would also be fantastic if I had the chance to have animals in the photoshoots.

Do you eat nutritiously? Jeanette: I think I do many times, I like healthy food because I feel happier and more awake when I eat that. But if I want to eat some cookies or a piece of cake or a dessert then do it.

How often do you exercise or go to the gym, workout? Jeanette: I workout 2-3 times every week and every time are 45 minutes up to 1½ hour.

Excluding all complicated beauty & fitness mantra what do you think to be the easiest way to look pretty and glamorous? Jeanette: I think natural beauty is the best. It is fun to dress up and have beautiful things but we sometimes forget that nature can be the most beautiful.

Tell me about your favorites Jeanette: My Favorite things: I like history, visit historical places, sing, cook, and bake, create a thing, draw and paint

Favorite color: black, green I really like everything from blue/green like sea green to really dark green and I also like dark red and silver.

Movies: I like historical movies, movies based on true stories, and fantasy-like lord of the rings, the hobbit, pirates of the Caribbean, Van Helsing, Narnia, Harry Potter……

Music: I mostly listen to hard rock music but I also like medieval/ folk music and classic music like Mozart, Vivaldi….

My Favorite food: there is really so much good food in our world….. I like chicken a lot and vegetables, meet with potatoes and a salad, pasta but it can also be really nice sometimes with a pizza or hamburger. But most I eat chicken and vegetables.

Where netizens can find the latest news feed about you? Jeanette: I got a food blog but it is more like a baking blog. It is the most recipe for cookies, cakes, and desserts not so much food. I want to change that and put out more food, but right now I don´t have time. That blog takes a lot of time because I take photos of almost all moments, this to show young people and of course others too that it can be easy and fun to both cook and bake. So they see with pictures and how I do and that it is not so hard and some things don´t take much time at all.

If people want to find news about me the best way is to watch my fan page at Facebook:

I am very active at my page and I handle it myself. I try to answer everyone and I want my fans to feel close to me because I really care about them.

Your ultimate message for netizens? Jeanette: If you see someone needs help, help that person if you can, do not ignore. Small things can help and you can make other people really happy just by listening to them, open a door, give them a smile a hug….

Don’t try to be anyone else, always be yourself. Sometimes people have hard to accept it….. believe me … I know! But in the end, you are the one winning. People will find out that you are true and not false.

Don´t forget to have fun, people are the way too serious sometimes! I sometimes publish really funny photos on my fan page when I can be like a child, but it is so important to be able to have some fun, and don´t be scared of what others will think of you. And follow your heart and always remember that dreams can come true even if it sometimes looks really dark and hopeless.

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