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Arielle Laurito: Story & Interview

My name is Arielle and I have always wanted to be a model since I was a little girl. I danced when I was young and when I was in high school I figure skated for 4 years. Figure skating was a lot of fun and I wanted to eventually go to the Olympics but it got to be too expensive.

I recently probably a year about a year and a half ago started modeling I want to show girls and women out there that they are beautiful and to not be afraid of showing it. I wanted to be more confident in myself and show that you don’t have to show a lot of skin to show people that you are confident in your beauty. I want to eventually get into a magazine and I know if I try hard and don’t give up then I can do it. I grew up in a house where if I wanted to do something then I would always be supported in everything I do.

Modeling gives me a chance to be more confident and I will continue to model until I show myself that I am as good as the rest of the models out there. I would love to be in a magazine and I will get there as long as I keep up the work I’ve put into so far and continue to work with photographers who will help me get there. Never give up on your dreams because one day they could become a reality.

When and how exactly you get started? What was it for? for the glamour, name & publicity, or anything else? I started modeling for mainly my confidence. Then I started liking when people noticed me and liked my modeling page.

What do you think, Is it important to attended fashion modeling courses? Do they really help newbies to get a foothold in the Fashion Industry? I really don’t think it’s that important to attend modeling courses it’s just about learning your body and knowing how you look in certain poses and practicing posing. I did not take any modeling courses I just learned from the photographers and got a lot of experience with photoshoots. If you have the money to pay for fashion modeling courses I would say do it but I wasn’t going to spend money just learning what I could teach myself.

How you communicate with other netizens, especially your subscribers? Are you patient? polite? friendly? How often you reply to them? I reply to everyone who messages me. I am very friendly you kind of have to be when you want people to like you but it’s my personality to be nice.

Has modeling changed other aspects of your life? Modeling has changed the way I view myself having people always saying I’m beautiful really helps with my confidence and makes me feel good about myself.

What are your experiences in the fashion industry? What is fun and rewarding about modeling? The feeling you get when you’re done with a great photo shoot you did and get compliments on the photos that come out after. During the photoshoot, it’s great to just be yourself and model the way you want to.

Do you have any advice for other aspiring models? My advice for models out there is to be yourself and never give up on your dreams. Be confident in your beauty and do not be afraid to express yourself. Also, practice posing it always helps with photoshoots. Choose your photographers wisely. Do not give in to anything you do not believe in doing in a photoshoot.

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