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Erika Dyer: Story & Interview

My name is Erika Dyer, I am an 18-year-old aspiring print model from Wisconsin. For as long as I can remember I have always loved being the center of attention and having my picture taken. People were always telling me that I should be a model. I auditioned at John Casablanca’s Modeling and Talent Agency and they loved me. I graduated from school a year ago. After I graduated I had the opportunity to sign with MTM but chose not to because I wanted to keep my options open. Everything was going great. I was a junior in high school and I had opportunities flying left and right. My only problem was trying to decide which one to pick.

Then one day everything started going downhill. My dad had always been physically abusive and one day he just snapped. I couldn’t take it anymore and moved back in with my mom. I had already been to four different high schools and didn’t want to switch again so I drove an hour from my mom’s house to school every day. I was always running high on emotions after what happened with my dad and my relationship with my boyfriend went to dirt after that. I ended up dating a guy from the school I went to previously through the summer. I switched schools my senior year and went back to the one that my current boyfriend was from. Within a few weeks of school starting, I became addicted to pills, opiates in particular. I dropped out of school and moved in with my boyfriend at his mom’s house. He took care of me. When we couldn’t afford pills I couldn’t go to work because I would be so sick. Stuck in my addiction I couldn’t imagine life without him, he proposed and we got engaged. I ended up getting arrested in December and spending 18 days in jail till I got out on a signature bond where I would be sentenced to complete 3 months of rehab and a year of probation. I went to rehab in Arizona, got my life back together, and attended a yoga teacher training in the Bahamas for a month. My fiancé and I broke up due to him cheating on me the first month I was in rehab. When I came home I met a guy who I am now living with and engaged to. He has helped me to put my drug-addicted life behind me and pushed me to go after my goals. I am back working with John Casablanca’s and working full time to support my passion for modeling. Modeling takes a big investment to kick start and an attitude of “I’m going to succeed no matter what anyone else says”. I have been collaborating with some amazing photographers who are helping me put together an unstoppable portfolio. I may not be completely established as a great model yet but I will do whatever it takes without stopping. This is my passion and the thing I love more than anything else.

How would you describe your personality? I am a very outgoing, fun, crazy girl. I’m little but I can be feisty!

What interests you in modeling? I love the art. Nothing makes me happier than doing an amazing shoot and showing it off for others to admire. I can’t think of another job possible that could give me the high that modeling gives me.

What languages do you speak? English.

If you could change three things about yourself, what would they be? My height, I wish I was taller so I could do runway. Being slower to anger because I have a quick temper. Having a longer attention span to anything that’s not modeling.

Who are some of your favorite models and designers? Beyoncé! She is my all-time favorite. I adore her style and the work she does is amazing.

How would you describe your style? Consider anything and everything from color to historical eras and more. Any style that the photographer is looking for.

I will take any outfit I am put in and pull it off.

What kind of modeling are you interested in and why? I love print modeling. Doing photoshoots and seeing the finished product is most rewarding.

Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry? I have studied a bit of photography but I am definitely an armature.

What makes a stylish lady or man? Is there a difference? I think anyone who puts effort into how they look and is confident in how they look makes them stylish.

How would you describe the photographer’s style? Every photographer has their own style.

Why would you think you’re fit for being a model? I have the passion and heart for it.

Do you do your own hair and make-up? I usually do but it is always a plus when there is a professional there to do it for you.

Do you eat nutritiously? I believe in eating mostly fruits and vegetables. Most of the food I eat is organic. I also do a lot of juicing of vegetables, etc.

How often do you exercise or go to the gym, workout? I love yoga. During my yoga teacher training, I did yoga for 4 hours a day every day. Since then I haven’t done it as frequently. A few times a week is sufficient.

Do you have any limitations? My biggest limitation is my height since I am only 5’3”.

What are your likes and dislikes? I really dislike rude people who’re the only intention is to put people down. I like fun, outgoing, supportive people.

Excluding all complicated beauty & fitness mantra, what do you think to be the easiest way to look pretty and glamorous? If you feel pretty it will show in the photo!

Do you own a domain? Do you have your own website? I do have my own website with my bio, stats, portfolio, and some products that are still in progress.

How you communicate with your other netizens, especially your followers? How often you reply to them? I reply to about 20% of my fans on a regular basis. It is important to be involved and keep people’s interest.

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