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Photo by inna mykytas from Pexels:

Am I Too Old To Be A Model?

Necessarily not. Anyone can become a model and work in the industry no matter how old they are. If you have made up your mind, you should certainly give it a try. Start looking at the type of modeling your want to do and then prepare yourself for that. It is true that the fashion industry traditionally holds a strong emphasis on the youth but… Read More »Am I Too Old To Be A Model?

Karli Koffin: Story & Interview

My name is Karli Koffin I’m a tattoo model and body piercer. I love modeling it was a dream of mine since I was really into it very young. It’s opened so many opportunities for me and so many contests as well. I started when I was 16 just having fun with it at a friends and one day I finally decided that it was… Read More »Karli Koffin: Story & Interview

Jacquí Daniel: Story & Interview

I hail from New Mexico, I been an aspiring model for 5 years. I really have been focusing my attention to the alternative/tattoo and pinup. Last year I recently signed on with a tattoo shop where I model the tattoo artist art work at conventions and other various events. I have had the privilege of being published fourteen plus times in various independent magazines, I am excited to announce I will land my first magazine cover in April for Delicious Dolls Magazine which is a pinup based magazine.

Sammie Lyn: Story & Interview

I started modeling two years ago. I just had a baby so I was looking into YouTube for a new look and stumbled onto TheCherryDollFace videos. It showed hair makeup and clothing tutorials. I found out that she was also a tattooed pinup model. So I started getting the pinup style down and took a risk and got into modeling. I loved it and been doing it ever since 🙂 so I like to tell everyone that if you like something go for it and give it your all!!

Nikki Nichole: Story & Interview

When I was growing up I was overweight, tomboy, never wore makeup, never did my hair, and I was bullied allot. People used to call me “Mr. Man” and many more hurtful names. Life became so difficult to live day after day. After a while, I started fighting everybody that made fun of me. Although people wouldn’t make fun of me as much after that,… Read More »Nikki Nichole: Story & Interview