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Scarlett Wildink Talks About Herself, Read Her Interview

Describe yourself in three words. Down To Earth. What languages do you speak? I only speak English but I am thinking of learning French. How would you describe your personality? I’m a down to earth kind of person, spiritual & I have a good heart. I am quiet when I first meet people. I am creative & have a vivid imagination. I’m loyal to those… Read More »Scarlett Wildink Talks About Herself, Read Her Interview

Karli Koffin: Story & Interview

My name is Karli Koffin I’m a tattoo model and body piercer. I love modeling it was a dream of mine since I was really into it very young. It’s opened so many opportunities for me and so many contests as well. I started when I was 16 just having fun with it at a friends and one day I finally decided that it was… Read More »Karli Koffin: Story & Interview

Kim Freckelton: The Interview

Describe yourself in three words. Positive, friendly & balanced What languages do you speak? English What’s your most memorable shoot? I have been lucky to have had so many amazing photoshoots and have been involved with some amazing photographers. It would be hard to narrow down, just one, but ones I have done with friends and my pets have definitely been a lot of fun!… Read More »Kim Freckelton: The Interview

Zoe Jay: Story & Interview

I come from Scotland. I live in Los Angeles since 2007 and I manage a music studio. Back in the UK, I was a type of lawyer. I am married and have three dogs and no kids. I am a part-time model, musician, and writer. I practice in various martial arts. I’ve been modeling since 2004. I’m into martial arts, cars, music, literature, photography, growing vegetables, hiking, and having a damn good time.

Read More »Zoe Jay: Story & Interview

Rebekah Maree: Story & Interview

I recently just completed my studies as a student at Otago University with double major Commerce and Design. Within my time at University I also acquired a scholarship and completed my degree with high grades. Education is super important to me, I love learning new things, knowledge is power. Whilst working in customer service, I’m also part-time modeling & signed to a modeling agency here… Read More »Rebekah Maree: Story & Interview

Helena Asgard: Story & Interview

Hello, my model alias is Helena Asgard. I am a student at the Faculty of Health Studies in Croatia, in my free time working as an alternative model. Modeling was actually not something that I was thinking about, it just happened. I went to a concert of my favorite Croatian band Kryn, enjoying the music, dancing, and the women came to me and said she… Read More »Helena Asgard: Story & Interview

Rikki Lynn: Story & Interview

RikkiLynn is a model from Bellaire, Ohio, who began her modeling career about six months ago. She currently resides in St Clairsville, Ohio. RikkiLynn is 35 years old and a mother of three children. She volunteers extensively in their school district and in the community. She loves helping with the local Soapbox Derby that her children participate in and even have won. While RikkiLynn spent… Read More »Rikki Lynn: Story & Interview

Nina Ernst: Story & Interview

In the end of summer 2011 i have been started to work as fotomodel. It was not my own idea, my boyfriend and since August 2013 my husband has ordered an holiday photographer to do some holiday pictures of us and me.

Alana Hayes: Story & Interview

I am a down to earth girl who just loves having my picture was taken, not only that I love taking photos. Live and breathe photography and creating art even. I am born in Melbourne but have a German/English background. I enjoy my sports since I was 5 years old no matter what it is I can pick it up straight away, love swimming, tennis,… Read More »Alana Hayes: Story & Interview

Olga Devignat: Story & Interview

My name Olga deVignat, I am 35 years old. Originally from Lithuania but for the last 14 years living in Ireland. I am a mom of 2 boys, have own business, and also a part-time model. I modeling started a few years ago so I am modeling for more lime hobby. At present, I am Mrs. Ireland 2014 and 2nd runner up at Top Model… Read More »Olga Devignat: Story & Interview