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The Magic Of The Women’s Natural Scent

When a woman feels sexually attracted to a man, a special type of scent liberates from her vagina and a real man always loves that smell, that natural scent. This smell is the nature of the women so don’t try to mask it with anything unnatural. This smell is a signal given by the woman to a man she likes to have sex with. Just like a man’s signal is his raised penis, a women’s signal is this smell that suddenly starts to come from her vagina. Especially when she feels sexually attracted to a man.

Do you know those female animals also release this kind of smell, this is the natural behavior of her body to tell the male that she is ready to have sex with him. Don’t kill this nature by using synthetic perfumes, just like a newly born kid knows her mother by smell, this sexy smell from a women’s vagina makes her male sexually committed to her lady. With time it shapes a stronger bond between a couple. So learn to make use of it instead of shying away from it and then killing it with other smells.

Preserve Your Lady Smell

Cleaning your vagina with water and following good hygiene is always good but don’t overdo it. The vagina is a self-cleansing organ and doesn’t need to be cleaned with harmful chemicals in the name of good hygiene. Just wash it good with water and that’s all.

Your Natural Scent Is Better Than Anything Else

That means you don’t need any sort of perfume down there. Your real natural smell is better than anything else but if you wonder about making yourself smell lusty with people around you then you may use some perfume over your jeans or any other cloth but avoid using it over your skin. Some women know the power of pheromones, some ladies put a finger or two into their vagina and then use that scent behind their ear, over their wrist, etc to attract men.

Most Men Are Going To Love Your Smell

In the case of loving a girl’s vaginal smell, it is ok to say that every man can have his own choices. But have you ever seen a man saying that his penis doesn’t rise because he likes to have sex with a soft penis as he likes it that way? If a man says that do you think he would be sexually healthy? Just like a raised penis is a man’s natural reaction, loving the smell of the lady part is also a natural reaction because it is coded by the nature itself.

The Magic Of The Women’s Scent

We talked with around 103 men where 89 were in love with the magic of the women’s natural scent while 11 said that they never noticed it in their girl. While the other 5 shy away from saying anything. A guy said that it feels great when he sniffs, licks, and loves his girl’s lady part the most when she returns from an hour of gym or jogging. Personally, my guy worships my natural scent and I feel lucky to have him in my p…. 😉

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