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KatePop: Story & Interview

My name is KatePop and I am a singer and a model as well. I have recently been modeling a lot for many different photographers as I am trying to work on my portfolio and I am keen to get some representation by a model agency. I am really interested in the art of modeling and I find it interesting to speak to photographers and understand the composition of a photograph and I especially am interested in lighting and the different effects that it can play in a photograph. I am trying to gain experience in all aspects of modeling and so far have been involved in editorial shoots, commercials, Catwalk, and Lingerie. I have a very quirky English rose to look with pale skin, dark hair, and red lips perhaps a bit of a Snow-white! I have been also fortunate enough to model for an award-winning designer and I hope that I will get the opportunity to model for other designers in the future. I am also a singer and I am represented by a company called The Famous Company and I met them about 3 years ago. The Famous Company throughout that time has developed me not only as a singer but also my confidence, it’s really from my knowledge and skills I gained through the Famous Company that I have become a model. I am very excited because my track ‘Revenge’ will be hitting the club charts later this month so I am hoping that it will be a success, I wrote the song and helped produce it so it’s my baby really.

What does fashion actually mean to you? What inspires your passion and what excites & motivates you about modeling? Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and showing that you are an individual. For me, it makes me feel good and creates my mood for the day. I think that as a model I am lucky enough to wear clothing that creates a story or a piece of art. I love high street fashion as it is affordable to everyone and I think that combining different pieces can allow you to create something different and unique. I am inspired by other models who I think are able to show off clothing in a unique way and so draw your attention to the photograph or the advert. I am inspired by the work that goes into designer clothing and I love looking at a piece that has been handmade because you can see the individual work that has gone into the design.

How you communicate with other netizens, especially your subscribers? Are you patient? polite? friendly? How often you reply to them? I am on both Twitter and Facebook @katepopofficial and I am happy to answer any questions that you have and I love talking about modeling so you can ask me anything you like and I will try and answer the questions.

Has modeling changed other aspects of your life? What does your career do for you? It has because I think that generally, it has made me more confident which I think has enabled me to do things I would never have done before I like to try everything once now and if I don’t succeed then at least I have tried – before modeling I was so worried about what people think and worried about the way that people view me now my advice to anyone is you should always try something because you never know what path it might take you on.

Is there anything you dislike about modeling? I find that location shoots in the winter are a bit bad because its soooooooo cold and sometimes you don’t have much on so you have to pretend in your mind that its summer but I always take a dressing gown with me so that in between shots I can try and warm up!

What has been your best fashion look? What was your biggest fashion mistake? I tend to stick to bodycon dresses, I love vintage fashion and I am inspired by old Hollywood starlets like Audrey Hepburn and Katherine Hepburn. I also am very quirky so I love Katy Perry and Lady Gaga too, I know that they are extremes but I think that the fundamental thing that I like is the art of fashion. I love reading Vogue and finding out what is in trend at the moment I am definitely a fashion follower.

Any ultimate goal to fulfill as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field? I think that the first step for me is to get signed by a reputable agency. I then would like to see myself in some of the magazines that I love like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle but above all things, I think that I need to be with an agency that will push my career in the right direction and help me to fulfill my dreams as a model. I think that my body lends itself to Lingerie so I can see myself doing quite a lot of that which I think is very exciting.

Would you like to tell us something about your city, your favorite hang out spots there? I come from Hull which is a city in Yorkshire I am very passionate about this city as to me its the place where I feel most comfortable and relaxed. I think that home is where the heart is and my heart is in Hull. I love going to the beach with our dogs and I love shopping in Hull and talking to people. Please are far more friendly up north then they are down south. I think that Hull is a forgotten jewel in the Yorkshire crown and I think that over the next few years as it has just become the city of culture it will shine and people will visit it and see just how amazing it is.

Your ultimate message for netizens? I think that follow your dreams I think that I always try and follow mine. I think that no individual can make you happy you can only make yourself happy. I think that I am only happy really when I am working hard and trying to reach my goals. I believe that if you work hard you can achieve anything you want.

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