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Kyrie Brown: Story & Interview

I’ve always loved the camera and the spotlight. My mother has told me that within hours of being born, I saw a camera and posed for it. I’ve always been that way – aware of the cameras around me, thinking about how I should look if my image does get captured. Modeling was always my natural dream, but my parents didn’t like the stereotype of a child model’s life so they didn’t submit me to agencies. Because of that, I had never solidified a passion to pursue modeling. However, at 16 I was approached by a recruiter for a modeling agency. She said that my bone structure was incredible and that I should come to a meeting to see if the agency owner would agree. When I told my parents, they didn’t want to go for fear of wasting time, so I decided that I would go on my own. I went to that meeting and the owner of the company loved me. Within a couple of days, he contacted me to let me know he’d like to have me as one of his models, but a couple of days later he retracted the offer and said I was too short. He was right – at the time I was only 5 ft 3 in, which is very short in the modeling industry. It broke my heart for about 3 hours until I decided I wouldn’t let my height stop me from something I suddenly realized was a great passion of mine. I looked up ways to make yourself taller and found out there were stretches a person could do to assist in holding yourself taller. I began doing them and gained an inch in a month! After that my determination tapered off, being replaced by the homework and stresses of school and a realization that I wouldn’t be able to get any modeling work without my parents having a great interest in helping me.

Photographer: Michael Bateman; MUA: Crystal Bareiss

At 18, I realized that I didn’t need my parents anymore to sign contracts and get work. I started doing intense research on how to get into the modeling world. In my photography class, we were given the assignment to take photos of ourselves and when I saw the result, all I could think was, “Wow, I really can model. I can actually do this.” I used those photos to make a modeling profile on a popular website in the modeling industry called Model Mayhem. After that, I started getting contacted by photographers to do shoots with them.

Photographer: Michael Bateman; MUA: Crystal Bareiss

Within just 3 photoshoots I could see massive growth in my talent. I was picking up on things fast, and the photographers I was working with told me how I had so much potential. It really helped me believe in myself in a way I was never able to before. Before too long I did a photoshoot with a photographer named Bryan Pocock. He soon became a great ally and mentor to me, assisting me in honing my poses and getting me incredible photos. It was because of his photos that I started getting paid work and growing from there.

Photographer: Michael Bateman; MUA: Crystal Bareiss

I’ve only been a model for a year now, and I’ve already learned so much. I feel like I can go anywhere I want to with this, as long as I keep my determination. I adore modeling. I adore the confidence it gives me and the passion it instills within my heart. I’m now 5 ft 5 in which is still short for a model, and I’ve accepted that I’m not likely to get much taller. My height has been a roadblock for me in many places – two big modeling agencies and many photographers have wanted to work with me, only to find out my height and immediately lose interest. Regardless, I refuse to let that stop me. I know that I have the talent to make people see past my height, and I have the drive to succeed in the modeling world.

Photographer and MUA: Amber Eileens

Regardless of my success, I know I still have so much to learn. I look forward to the ways that I’ll grow in the future, and all of the people I’ll meet and get to work with. This industry is a great one. Yes, its competitive and can sometimes be cruel, but when you go into it with the right attitude, it’s really just a wonderful way to learn the ways of the world and the ways of people. My attitude is I won’t let a mean photographer or a rejection from an agency ruin the whole experience for me because I know I’d miss out on so much. I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given, the people I’ve met, and the lessons I’ve learned. I can see myself molding into a wonderful human being, and I know that I wouldn’t be as happy with life as I am now if I didn’t have my modeling.

Photographer: Bryan Pocock

What were you doing five minutes before this interview? Kyrie Brown: I was exfoliating my lips – I tend to bite them when they have the dead skin on them, which isn’t good for my modeling.

Photographer: Bryan Pocock; MUA: Crissie Adams

What made you want to pursue a modeling career instead of any other career? Kyrie Brown: When I was younger I wanted to be an animal veterinarian and I took to school and life very seriously. I got really stressed over science classes and tests and one day I realized that I didn’t want to spend my life stressing and being so serious – I wanted to spend my life having fun! It took me a couple of years to figure out that modeling was what I wanted to be successful in.

Photographer: Bryan Pocock; MUA: Crissie Adams

What do you feel that separates you from other models that are in the game right now? Kyrie Brown: Well, first I’m a natural red-head so that makes me stand out! But I also have a great understanding of the modeling industry and I’m a very smart person so I can figure out ways to succeed that others can’t.

Photographer: Bryan Pocock; MUA: Crissie Adams

Where have you made appearances? (video, print, etc) Kyrie Brown: So far I’ve just been used in photographer’s portfolios, but soon I’ll be making appearances everywhere!

Photographer: Bryan Pocock; MUA: Crissie Adams

Out of all the work you’ve done so far, which was your favorite video or photoshoot? Kyrie Brown: I’d have to say my favorite photoshoot was my first wedding photo shoot. The whole process was so fun (I even watched The Little Mermaid while we were doing my hair and nails!) and I felt so in my element. The photos were really easy to get and I loved all the different poses I was able to come up with. Plus, I got to wear a fancy dress!

What projects are you currently working on? Kyrie Brown: I’m not to the stage where I direct a lot of photoshoots yet, but I am brainstorming some fun shoot ideas! I also have a few awesome photoshoots lined up from themes like high fashion to abstract! They’re definitely shooting that I look forward to doing, and you should look forward to seeing the results.

Is there anything else you want to do outside of modeling? Kyrie Brown: Absolutely! My primary goal in life is actually to be a mother. I’ve always been very maternal and I look forward to having a few babies to give all my love to. I also love doing anything art related, from drawing to writing to cake decorating. Another passion of mine is customer service, so to pay for my living until modeling can be my main source of income, I enjoy working in restaurants as a host or as a waitress. Once I get to the point where I retire as a model, I’m likely to focus on acting or return to the restaurant business as well.

When do you feel most beautiful? Kyrie Brown: I actually feel beautiful most of the time, but I’d say the time I feel the most beautiful is when I’m looking at the photos I get from a shoot. I just adore the way I capture the camera’s attention and I love studying the curves of my face and the poses of my body. It makes me feel incredible – like I’m this enchanting creäture that can only be captured by a lucky few who venture to the right part of the world.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night? Kyrie Brown: Honestly, the answer to both looks at Facebook and the messages on my phone! I really enjoy socializing so the first thing I ever think about when I wake up is, “Who’s sent me a message?” and at night I want to make sure I get in every last drop of communication I can!

What makes you laugh uncontrollably? Kyrie Brown: I wouldn’t say I have a specific event that makes me laugh uncontrollably. Admittedly, I’m a person who laughs at a lot of things like people being weird (I’m weird myself), kids shows (I laugh a lot when watching The Power Puff Girls), and even just random things that come up in conversation.

What do you do to de-stress after a bad day? Kyrie Brown: Get on Facebook, watch my favorite shows or movies, and buy myself take out for dinner.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re with your friends? Kyrie Brown: Honestly, I just love being with my friends. I’d say my favorite thing to do is talk with them and connect. I don’t care what we’re doing or where we are, as long as we’re having a great conversation.

What inspired your passion for modeling? Kyrie Brown: I’ve really just always loved having my picture taken and being the center of attention. When you do a great photoshoot, you show up, get your hair, makeup, and sometimes nails did, and then you get to wear fun outfits and work your magic, to which the photographer says, “That’s great! Ooh! That’s beautiful!” You get spoiled and doted on and I absolutely adore it! I guess when you enjoy it so much, there’s no way not to have a passion for it!

What excites & motivates you about modeling? Kyrie Brown: Modeling itself is exciting and motivating. I mean, you get to have people fawn over you and your natural beauty, you meet so many incredible people, and your photos get shown off! The excitement is in the shoot and in seeing the end result (the photos). The motivation is the great feeling you get while doing it.

What does your career do for you? Kyrie Brown: Modeling gives me confidence. As a child I was always the outcast – that lone girl playing with herself on the jungle gym. As a teenager, I didn’t get the attention of boys so I actually thought I was ugly and unlovable. But when I started modeling, it became so easy to see that I was actually this gorgeous and incredible person! Other things helped instill confidence (like getting my associate degree while in high school and being around people that told me they cared about me), but modeling was the thing that let me know I could be more than just a person on the street. And even more than that, modeling showed me I was meant to stand out from the crowd and shine. I’ve had confidence issues most of my life, but one place I refuse to second guess my skill or beauty is in front of the camera. Modeling has also shown me the incredible people around me that I never knew existed.

What has been your best fashion look? What was your biggest fashion mistake? Kyrie Brown: I’d say my best fashion look was when I was in this gorgeous, red carpet-worthy dress for a photoshoot. I looked high fashion and the whole outfit was a really good fit for me. My biggest fashion mistake would have to be from when I used to buy things that would make me blend in rather than stand out. Fashion is all about being different and being noticed because of it. I would wear safe outfits that didn’t do anything for me. Another big fashion mistake was buying a shirt from Walmart – I could never get it to look good on me.

What’s your beauty regime? Kyrie Brown: I wash my face every night using a face cleanser and moisturizer from Aveeno. Once a week I also exfoliate. I only wash my hair every other day because it’s better for your hair, and I use all-natural shampoo and conditioner from Jason, which is 84%, Aloe Vera. This incredible hair wash makes my hair super silky and soft so I love it! Then I blow dry my hair and add a little curl to it with a round brush because I feel it looks like I walked out of a salon when I do. I also moisturize my body twice a week. Finally, about every three days I take off old nail polish, file my nails if necessary, and then reapply a natural nail color to make my nails stronger and look better for photoshoots. I’ve found that you have to always maintain your body if you always want it to look good, which you do if you’re a model. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with looking your best all the time anyway!

What are your favorite types of outfits to model in? Kyrie Brown: Definitely fancy dresses – think prom or wedding. I feel so girly and fabulous when I’m wearing a fancy dress, and the photos always turn out great!

What are your least favorites? Kyrie Brown: Outfits without a purpose – I don’t feel like the shoot is fun if the clothes I’m wearing don’t matter or the outfit seems thrown together.

Any ultimate goal to fulfill as a model? Kyrie Brown: I want to become famous enough to be recognized on the street often. I also want people who would never work with me now because of my height to practically begging me to work with them because they can finally see the talent I have and they’ve realized it’s the talent that matters.

How do you see yourself progress in this field? Kyrie Brown: There are a few ways you see yourself progress. The first is during a photoshoot – when you’re a newbie model, you don’t know what to do with your body or your face and it feels awkward but as you gain experience it becomes natural to morph from pose to pose. You also figure out how to easily capture the image the photographer is going for. The second way to watch yourself progress is by seeing the photos after you’ve taken them. I look back at the photos from my first photoshoot and think, “Wow, I could do that so much better now. This is what I should have been doing.” You actually end up with a timeline of your progress because you can literally see how much you’ve improved over time. The third way is by watching the amount of attention you get from other people. When you’re new or not very good, you don’t get many people asking to shoot with you or liking your pictures. As you gain skill, your fan base grows, more talented photographers notice you and ask to work with you, and your new photos get a lot more attention.

What kind of shoots would you like to work on in the future? Kyrie Brown: I definitely want to do more wedding photos. I also just want to do fun photo shoots that are different from what you often see – shoots with crazy makeup and outfits or new ideas. Another type of shoot I’d like to start doing a lot of is high fashion or editorial, both because they’re fun and also because it means you’re successful and have a lot of skill.

Tell me something about your city, your favorite hang out spots there? What do you like to do for fun & entertainment? Kyrie Brown: I live in Salt Lake City, Utah which is honestly a pretty docile place to live. It’s not the city you’d choose to party in, but the community here is great! I love going to a mall named South Towne Mall, and I also love going to a pet store called Pets and Such to play with the animals and just see all the cute critters.

Do you eat nutritiously? Kyrie Brown: I’m supposed to, but in all honesty, I mostly don’t! I love junk food and eating McDonald’s or drinking soda. I have started curbing my habits a bit more though. I used to have soda literally every day, whereas now I only have it maybe once or twice a week, and I make myself drink a lot of water every day. I’ve also started paying more attention to making healthier choices – chicken noodle soup for lunch instead of a burger or munching on an apple rather than ice cream. However, a girl has to have her pleasures and there’s nothing wrong with having a special, sugary treat every day to make you remember that you don’t have to say no to everything you love!

Tell me about the diet you follow on a regular basis? Kyrie Brown: I eat what I’m in the mood for when I’m in the mood for it. I go through a phase where I love something so I have it all the time until I get sick of it and move onto something else that I then eat all the time instead and, again, get sick of it so I move onto something else. After a few months, I start to enjoy a food item again. I try to make myself eat the healthiest thing I’m in the mood for (lately I’ve had a lot of Subway!) and drink a lot of water, but sometimes I don’t want a single thing that’s good for me.

How often do you exercise or go to the gym, workout? Kyrie Brown: I honestly never go to the gym. I keep my workouts small and at home, that way I don’t need to pay for a gym membership. I do crunches and push-ups a few times a week to get my body a little bit of tone and extra muscle. Then when I notice I could work on something, like say my thighs or my upper arms, I’ll add that to the routine. I try to keep it really basic, though. Also, because I work at a restaurant, I end up lifting a lot of heavy trays and I’m constantly on my feet, which results in me getting a workout whether I like it or not!

What is your perfect day? Kyrie Brown: My perfect day would start with waking up around 9:30 or 10. I’d have a relaxing morning where I look at Facebook and have a simple breakfast (usually cereal). Then I would put on something cute and go out and do something fun with my friends (maybe shopping, maybe go to an amusement park, and of course modeling). I’d spend the day talking and just enjoying myself. It would end with me being able to eat a big, yummy dinner at a good restaurant and maybe watching a movie, and then getting to bed before it’s too late and without much of a fight from my body.

Excluding all complicated beauty & fitness mantra, what do you think to be the easiest way to look pretty and glamorous? Kyrie Brown: Honestly just taking care of yourself – if you get rid of your acne and build up good hair and skin, and you keep your body looking healthy and dressed nicely, you’ll look fabulous and get a lot of attention. If you want to go for glamorous, wear something different that you feel incredible in – maybe it’s a sparkly dress, maybe it’s a great accessory. What matters is that you feel wonderful in it because then you’ll feel more confident and confidence is sexy.

Photographer: Ryan Houston

Tell us about your favorites. Kyrie Brown: My favorite color: Purple Favourite films: The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Sucker Punch Favourite Actor: Will Smith Favourite band: This changes all the time, but right now I’d say Imagine Dragons Favourite food: My mom’s chicken noodle soup Favourite holiday: Christmas! Favorite dream destination: Japan or Australia Favourite hobby: Doing art Favorite author: I love too many of them to have a favorite! Favorite book: This changes a lot too, but right now it’s actually a series called The Selection by Kierra Cass.

Photographer: Ryan Houston

Do you own a domain? Do you blog? Where netizens can find the latest news feed about you? Kyrie Brown: I don’t own a domain and I’ve tried blogging but I always get out of it! The place you can find the latest news about me would be my modeling page:

Photographer: Ryan Houston

One question out of this subject: Can you cook? If yes then what’s your favorite recipe? Kyrie Brown: I can cook, though I’m only eloquent in a few recipes. My favorite is my french toast. I haven’t made an official recipe for it because I add the amount of an ingredient by instinct, but I use some eggs, a lot of egg yolks, a pinch of salt, a little bit of milk, a dash of pure vanilla and a good dose of powdered sugar. And it HAS to be made with Texas Toast.

Photographer: Ryan Houston

What is something people wouldn’t guess about you? Kyrie Brown: I actually suffer from depression. It’s plagued me my whole life but I finally decided to get it under control back in August of 2013. Getting on an antidepressant was the best decision of my life because everything is so much easier and I’m much happier now! It’s really easy to just enjoy myself and move on when things go wrong. People don’t believe me anymore when I tell them that I have depression because I’m always smiling now.

Your ultimate message for netizens? Kyrie Brown: Make sure you do what you love, follow your dreams, and don’t let anything get in your way. It’s true that we can do whatever we put our minds to. Yes, there will be obstacles. There will be times when you feel so hopeless and like there’s literally no point in even living anymore, but you must always keep going. The only thing stopping you from loving and living your life is yourself. Everything that happens to us can be good or it can be bad – it just depends on the way you choose to look at it, so choose to look at it from a positive standpoint. And never be afraid to be you!

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