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Brooke Ann D: Story & Interview

My story, where do I begin. I was born in July of 1991. I grew up in Livonia, Michigan for the first 9 years of my childhood, and then I moved to Saline, Michigan. I have four sisters and the best mom in the world. I lived a pretty normal and awesome life. I graduated from High School in 2009. Bartended and waitressed for over 3 years. I got into modeling about 6 months ago. I have been enjoying it ever since.

Credits: VK3 Photographix by Victor Koos

Describe yourself in three words. Caring, Friendly, People person.

How would you describe your personality? My personality would be… I am always open to new things, I like to think and step outside the box. I am also very strong-willed and when I care for something or someone, I will make sure that nothing does damage to it. I do not do things I do not want to and I am a very honest and straight forward person.

Credits: Modern Model Magazine, Shot by Brian Thorton

How would you describe your professional interests? My professional interests are modeling, hair, and kids. These are the three things I love the most.

Why do you want to work as a model? Why are you interested in this Career? I want to work as a model because I want to be a role model to people, I want to be able to spread great things and show people your dreams are not out of reach, you just need to chase them all the way.

Credits: Alvardo

What languages do you speak? I only speak English, unfortunately. I have always wanted to learn Dutch, it is one that is not commonly known by everyone.

What’s your background in modeling? My background in modeling is working with some talented people. I have done some promo shots for Holy Smoke, I have made it in Modern Model Magazine and visually Artistry Magazine, I also have done a Calendar shoot for Revolver Ecigs.

If you could change three things about yourself, what would they be? Three things I would change if I could… I would like to be a little taller if I could. I wish I could able to express myself more. Emotionally, and I think that is really all.

Who are some of your favorite models and designers? Gisele Bundchen and Bambu Jessica are by far my. Two favorites. Designers would be a little of everyone, I appreciate all forms of fashion(:

How would you describe your style? Consider anything and everything from color to historical eras and more. My style is basically wrapped into the color black and grunge. I also like my bows and pearls, so it gets the class as well(: I like to mix a little of all generations into one and make it my own.

What are your strengths? And what are your weaknesses? Strengths would be I am always going to work for what I want in life, I am not going to give up. weakness would be caring too much sometimes

Where do you generally shop? I generally shop anywhere. I do not have just one store. I like what I like and I love pairing my things together. I like the variety(:

What other modeling projects have you done? Besides the ones I already said, I have done pictures for the show in Detroit and just projects with photographers, for now(: I am also doing Bassdrop clothing fashion show.

What kind of modeling are you interested in and why? I am interested in all modeling because I appreciate and love it all. from high fashion, runway, alternative, promotional. I dig it all and would to work it all.

Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry (like writing photography etc.)? I have done hair since I was 4. started with sponge curlers in my head every night as a little girl, to doing my sisters and friends all the time. I love doing hair and makeup. Never been professionally trained, but I personally think all you need is time and practice

How would you describe working with the photographer? Working with photographers is always fun and relaxing. All of the people I have had the chance to work with are down to earth awesome people. we blare music and just talk as we work(:

What makes a stylish woman or man? Is there a difference? I think a stylish person, is someone who is willing to express their emotions, feels, and likes through their outfits and hairstyles. I think we are all stylish in our own unique ways and as long as you wear your confidence, you can pull anything you want off.

How would you describe the photographer’s style? All photographers have different styles. I appreciate all styles and forms.

Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers? It is hard picking to favorite anything. I really grow to appreciate all of them. I really enjoy art and all forms and creations.

Why would you think you’re fit for being a model? I actually never really thought I was, growing up I had many self-esteem issues. People always told me I had a unique and defined look. I have been fortunate enough to be able to get my foot in the door for modeling and have grown to love it. It boosts my confidence every day, which I am so lucky to have.

Do you do your own hair and make-up? I sometimes do my hair and makeup, I have had the pleasure of having some great artist do mine ‘’ as well(:

What’s your beauty regime? Wash my face! oil of Olay.

Credits: Jose Garcia of J. Vida

Do you eat nutritiously? Tell me about the diet you follow on a regular basis? My diet is whatever I feel like eating at that time, I like food and of all kinds. Sweets are about the only thing I do not eat.

How often do you exercise or go to the gym, workout? How much time do you spend there? I never go to the gym, I walk a lot and stretch.

What are some of the main differences between the runway and photographic modeling? Runway modeling is unedited and untouched work that you do in the flesh, unless it is just your shots from the show. The photography you pause and are able to position your body to make wonderful angles and poses.

Credits: Jose Garcia of J. Vida

What’s your favorite outfit from your own closet? My favorite outfit is literally anything black and all black, my mom tells me I am like Johnny Cash.

Describe the atmosphere when you’re on a shoot? The atmosphere on a shoot is calm, peaceful, exciting, with music blaring, and conversation.

Do you have any limitations? Would you model any kind of clothing at all? I am always open to hearing all concepts. Like I said, I really would love to try it all.

Credits: VK3 Photographix by Victor Koos

Describe the ideal work environment for you. The ideal work environment is no drama, stress-free, lively, fun, and spunky.

What are your likes and dislikes? Likes are Spiderman, music, concerts, my little sisters, hair, fashion, photography. Dislikes are liars, pie, sweets, slime, snakes

Excluding all complicated beauty & fitness mantra, what do you think to be the easiest way to look pretty and glamorous? The easiest way to be and look beautiful is seriously confidence! believe in yourself.

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