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Andrea Anarchy: Story & Interview

I was born and raised in Utah. Throughout my education, I’ve studied many courses typically dominated by men such as metals, woods, engineering, radio, and architecture. I got involved in drama programs at school for the technical theater classes. I have worked on over a dozen plays and musicals including Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, The Music Man, Seussical, and My Fair Lady. I was the Technical Director for my high school in senior year and spent hundreds of hours, sometimes never seeing the sun, on theater, and their associated events. I also spent 3 years as a DJ on my high school’s radio station KPGR. I love spending time developing things that most people can only imagine and making them a reality. I now work at a place where I can create almost anything in jewelry and turn imagination into beautiful pieces of art. I do the same work with Architecture! I adore studying other cultures and other time period’s buildings and depicting how to work them into modern buildings.

My life has not been easy in any way. My parents struggled under the poverty line for a long time. I’ve had many people tell me that I’m damaged goods and that no one will ever love me, that I have no soul, etc. So I decided to start modeling to prove them wrong. In the beginning, I had a friend working with me and we were making strides together for about a year before she decided to take off and leave me hanging. At that point, I realized that I could be so much more in life if I just continued to explore modeling. And I found out the things I like and what I’m good at. I’ve overcome tremendous adversity to be where I am now and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

What does fashion actually mean to you? What inspires your passion and what excites & motivates you about modeling? Fashion means being able to express yourself in an incredibly visual way. you can subtly show people your weaknesses and insecurities and they may not even notice it.

How you communicate with other netizens, especially your subscribers? Are you patient? polite? friendly? How often you reply to them? I am very friendly to the subscribers who respect me. I’ll have fun in conversations with immediate responses. I’ve even given multiple chances to those who offend me. Respect is very important to me, if you don’t respect me enough not to ask about what I don’t want to talk about, then I won’t respond. Everybody deserves to keep their secrets.

Has modeling changed other aspects of your life? What does your career do for you? Absolutely, it has boosted my self-confidence beyond anything I ever thought possible. I used to not be able to wear shorts outside because of how self-conscious I was. But I’ve never been more comfortable in my skin than since I started modeling.

Is there anything you dislike about modeling? I greatly dislike how difficult it is to be respected in this field. I don’t like how long it takes to get anywhere and how many rejections I get from magazines and photographers and even other models. But that is true in any profession, and it simply makes me want to perceiver more.

And what are some things you dislike or want to change about the fashion industry? I wish there could be more culture in the Fashion world. In a certain fashion show recently there was a costume designed for the month of November that was taken out of the national broadcast because the model was wearing a Native American headdress. I completely understand why it may upset people in that she did not earn those feathers, however, I wish we could see more of their culture and others.

How you prepare yourself for a modeling shoot? I spend hours looking for a costume or outfit that I want to shoot or design, and hours deciding how to do my hair and makeup correctly. I’ve watched hundreds of hours of videos on how to pose yourself as a model and about facial expressions. Modeling isn’t just about looking pretty in front of a camera, good models can bear their soul in their eyes.

What has been your best fashion look? What was your biggest fashion mistake? I look great in anything that accents my eyes and figure. I did a shoot once where the pants were too big and the zipper had come down. I didn’t notice but I constantly have people commenting on the photos about it.

What are your favorite types of outfits to model in? What are your least favorites? I love modeling in Lingerie and swimwear. Glamour is always fun, but it takes far more confidence for me to do a more revealing type.

Any goal to fulfill as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field? My goal as a model is to be accepted into Victoria’s Secret modeling team. I really think I can make it if I’m ever given the chance.

What kind of shoots would you like to work on in the future? I have a lot of ideas about making angel figures come to life. Changing wing types and looks. I really want to attempt a Steampunk Angel.

What do you like to do for fun & entertainment? I play a lot of video games, and going rock wall climbing and going to do archery. I enjoy working on my cars, two third-generation Camaro’s. I love watching movies and baking.

What’s your fashion mantra? Please describe your style? What’s your beauty regime? I don’t have a consistent style, but I do love corsets and professional clothing. My only beauty regime is to be confident. I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was in high school, and even then it was light. I have faith that I have natural beauty and the makeup is simply there to enhance it, not cover it.

Excluding all complicated beauty & fitness mantra, what do you think to be the easiest way to look pretty and glamorous? There’s a tactic in modeling called “smeyes”; smiling with your eyes. No matter the situation if you are smiling and happy and it shows, people will notice you. Flaunty clothes or perfume or flashy cars only get you noticed. If you’re happy then you are memorable.

What are your experiences in the fashion industry? What is fun and rewarding about modeling? Do you have any advice for other aspiring models? I have a few years of clothing classes and certificates, I’ve been studying fashion since I started modeling.

Your ultimate message for netizens? The only social outlet I have is my facebook like page, Andrea Anarchy. I try to post about what I’m up to and the things that are inspiring me.

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